YouBGM™ is very excited to announce the latest addition to their Founders team, Brad Barkhouse founder of

“We have been looking for someone who not only has strong programming and IT knowledge but who also understands and loves the game of hockey.” says YouBGM™ co-founder Tanya Fader. “You couldn’t really ask for a better fit than Brad.  He runs a successful sports data feed business, is a passionate hockey fan and a skilled programmer.  He really compliments our in-house skill set and…he’s from Halifax!”

MySportsFeeds logoAlthough currently residing in cities throughout Canada and the United States, Fader and the other YouBGM™ founders are natives of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  MySportsFeeds was an obvious fit for the company with its start-up friendly pricing and data feed options.  The YouBGM™ team also liked the connection to home which comes with Brad and working with MySportsFeeds.

Barkhouse and YouBGM™ first connected when Fader was working with the company’s overseas development team to integrate with the YouBGM app.  Several weeks later after initiating development,  Barkshouse spotted YouBGM’s LinkedIn post for a co-founder, and responded.

“The post kinda screamed at me,” says Barkhouse who has been working with YouBGM™ since early June.  “I’m a fan of all sports but hockey is where my passion lays.  I’ve been asked to join many ventures but YouBGM™ just has the right combination of people, expertise and concept.”

YouBGM™ is working towards a soft launch early in the 2019-2010 season with a full roll out in the early New Year.


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About YouBGM

YouBGM (You BE the General Manager)is a freemium Multi Mass-player Online (MMO) fantasy sports platform created to cultivate and nurture passionate hockey fans.  YouBGM provides an optimized fantasy hockey experience where anyone can play. You can create and participate in private or public contests based on different durations. Follow your progress live during games. Connect with other YouBGMers over hockey.

About MySportsFeeds

MySportsFeeds is the popular flagship service of Be A Contender Software Services, Inc.  Marketed towards both non-commercial use for individuals, as well as for businesses, MySportsFeeds offers various sports data feeds for NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL.  Subscribers also have the unique opportunity to help crowd-source the data entry. Additional sports and leagues are being planned for future release, such as College Football and Basketball, Soccer and Golf.  For more information, visit or follow us at @MySportsFeeds, or even join us on our growing Slack community.

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