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“What is a Fantasy Hockey Pool?” That’s a question I often hear when I tell others that my siblings and I are building what will soon be the greatest Daily Fantasy Hockey app in the known universe. You might think that’s not a promising sign… the fact people have no clue what Fantasy Hockey is.

But nay, friends. We’re onto something here. 

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard of a hockey pool. That’s what Fantasy Hockey is all though there are admittedly a gazillion contest formats. YouBGM is specifically designed for shorter term contests.

But aren’t hockey pools for hard core hockey fans and stats peeps? Nay again.

Fantasy Hockey is for anyone who wants to participate. Take it from a casual fan and low-statistical-interest gal – you can participate and love it, especially when upon victory you get to vigorously shove your brothers’ faces in the dominance of your own brilliant roster! But I digress.

 At YouBGM™, we’re a solid mix of hard-core to casual fans. We’re a collection of major junior veterans, newbie hockey enthusiasts and  hockey stats professionals, . But perhaps most importantly, we’re fans.  We all love Hockey, love playing fantasy and we think you will too. 

 So, below find some quick FAQ’s I’ve put together for you about Fantasy Hockey and how it works.

What is a Fantasy Hockey Pool or Contest?  

In short, a hockey pool is a contest where participants draft  their own team or roster of professional hockey players. The statistics of the drafted players are compiled over the course of the competition. By the end, whoever’s roster has the most points wins the contest.

What is Daily Fantasy Hockey?

Daily Fantasy Hockey contests are comprised of games over a single day rather the entire season. Season-long involves a single draft at the beginning of the season that forms the foundation of your team for the rest of the season.  In Daily Fantasy Hockey, or #DFH, you draft a new roster for each contest which, again, consists of only games from a particular day.

The most popular form of DFH implements what is known as a salary cap. Players each have an associated value which is often calculated based on performance, opposition that night and a number of other factors.

Your job is to draft your roster of players without going over the salary cap.

How do players earn points?

Points are awarded depending on a hockey player’s performance. Let’s say you draft Sidney Crosby and he scores a goal – he earns x number of fantasy points for that goal. Fantasy point values are established by the type of contest and fantasy league in which you are participating.

Skaters vs. Goalies

Skaters and goalies generally earn points differently.  A goalie will earn or lose points based on stats like saves, goals against, games won and shutouts, whereas forwards and d-man earn points based on a different set of stats, like goals, shots on goal, assists, blocked shots, time on ice, and so on.


Why Play with YouBGM?

We are hockey fans at YouBGM. We’ve tailored the Fantasy Hockey experience to not only be more reflective of the game itself, but to be inclusive of everyone who wants to be a part of hockey, being a fan and fantasy hockey culture.

If you love Fantasy Hockey, love hockey, or are curious about what all the fuss is about, we welcome you to join our VIP mailing list and be a part of the best Fantasy Hockey platform there is to experience.

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