*Last updated Sept 28, 2018

Our picks for some of the best online resources to supercharge your daily fantasy hockey line-ups.  Bookmark this post as we’ll add to this list as we come across new resources.

Drafting a Stellar Backstop to Anchor Your Lineup

Understanding what makes a high value goaltender: https://www.thescore.com/news/835143

Find your starting goalies: https://www.dailyfaceoff.com/starting-goalies/


Gotta Have a Solid D-Line

Key Attributes to look for in high production defense pairings:



Game Shakers and Money Makers: Your Top Picks

Learn the basics of cost-effective line stacking: https://www.sbo.net/daily-fantasy-sports/hockey/

Draft Day Tips & Tricks: https://thefakehockey.com/daily-fantasy-hockey-tips/

Players on a hot streak? It can only last so long…: https://leftwinglock.com/index.php

NEW Hot and Cold players:  Plus a bunch of other cools stuff: https://frozenpool.dobbersports.com/


Play by Numbers

Good ‘ol fashioned player stats: http://nhlnumbers.com/nhl-player-stats

Hockey Stock Market Simulator: http://www.thehockeycode.com

A great tool that filters and compares player stats to salaries allowing you to see if your picks are under or overvalued: https://www.mysportsfeeds.com/browse/nhl/stats/

Behind the Numbers: https://hockey-graphs.com/


Surviving OT

Rather listen than read? Get your pod fix.
SL = Season Long fantasy
Dly = Daily fantasy
Gen = General hockey talk


  http://fantasyhockeypodcast.com/ep-S2E34.html [SL]

http://www.keepingkarlsson.com/ [SL]

https://www.ballsandsticks.com/  [Gen]


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