Get The Most Out Of Your Mock Drafts

Our focus at YouBGM is daily fantasy hockey, but we still indulge in season-long hockey pools!

Being new to season-long, I quickly learned that participating in mock drafts is a must.  But how do you get the most out of your mock drafts?

Below are 4 practical strategies I’ve come across that are easy to start with.

#1. Practice mock drafts on the same platform that your fantasy hockey pool is hosted.

From queuing up players to team composition (i.e. generic forwards vs. specific positions like RW, LW & C), the more familiar you become with the draft interface, the less time you’ll waste stumbling around while the seconds left on your turn tick by.

#2. Practice drafting from different positions in the draft.

If possible, mock draft from different positions in the rotation.  Even if you don’t have an in-depth drafting strategy, you’ll get practice shifting gears when your desired players are snapped up just before your turn.

#3. Prepare your late-pick strategy

As the player pool shallows, drafting can become trickier, especially for inexperienced fantasy players. It’s worth putting a bit of extra time into researching player options for the later draft rounds.  This will reduce the chances of making a panicked pick late in the draft. This is also where getting to know your sleepers and value picks starts to pay off.

#4. Push your luck

If you’re like me, there’s usually at least one or two guys you really, REALLY want on your roster.  Someone you actually like watching or who plays on your favorite NHL team.

In a mock draft, you have nothing to lose.  It’s a great time to test how late you can realistically draft the player(s) you really want.   Take some time to research in which round your favs usually get snatched up.  In your own mock drafts, hold off picking your guy and monitor for yourself how late (or early) he becomes unavailable. This should give you a sense of how you might want to plan your draft strategy to maximize the chances of building a winning roster.

Bonus Tip

The hockey season is blissfully long. Even if your roster seems a bit slow out of the gate, with decent trade and team management, you’ll still have a shot at bragging rights.

Let us know if you’ve got any mock draft practice tips to share – we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Watch a Real Fantasy Hockey Draft In Action!

Want to see the experts in action?  Check out  this video from Fantasy Hockey Podcast’s series of youtube videos of mock and real drafts.

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